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Jaden Powers and the Inheritance Magic

USA/Canada Release: Bloomsbury, March 7, 2024

JadenPowers_rev_final (1).jpg


Perfect for fans of The Marvellers and Amari, this adventurous middle grade fantasy celebrates a shy boy who must become his own hero.

Jaden and Elijah have been best friends since they were born. They’re so close that Jaden doesn’t even mind that he’s constantly living in talented, high-achieving Elijah’s shadow—well, he doesn’t mind much.

But then Elijah disappears, leaving behind nothing but a cryptic note asking for Jaden’s help. The next day, Jaden is invited to attend The Five Emergences School of Mysteries and Magic. Elijah was secretly a student there until he mysteriously vanished. Somehow, though, he used his note to transfer part of his own magic into Jaden—a feat that is supposed to be impossible.

Determined to find his friend, Jaden agrees to attend the school and learn to control his magic. But a sinister force is threatening to destroy the whole magical world. And if Jaden doesn’t stop it, he’ll be the next to disappear.

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