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Cameron Battle and the Escape Trials

USA/Canada Release: Bloomsbury, January 31, 2023

Cameron Battle and the Escape Trials Book Cover: Cameron holds a magic book while him and his friends ride flying hippogriffs.


Cameron Battle continues his quest to save the world in this action-packed series that’s Percy Jackson meets Black Panther.

Cameron is eager to return to Chidani to save his mom and find out what happened to his dad. But his Grandma insists that they form a plan first—and that he return to school in the fall.

As Cameron starts seventh grade, he encounters a bully, Vince, who has been taken over by a mmo. Attempting to save their classmate, Cameron and his crew—Zion and Aliyah—are transported to Chidani sooner than anticipated. They’ll have to make a plan on the fly to save Vince and find Cameron's parents.

But the gods and goddesses they encouter have different plans, and Cameron must outwit and outlast the villainous god set on destroying Chidani.

Inspired by West African and Igbo history and mythology, this middle-grade fantasy celebrates the triumphs and challenges of a boy finding his path to greatness.

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