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Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms

US, AUS/NZ Release: Bloomsbury, February 1st, 2022
UK Release: Bloomsbury, March 3rd, 2022

Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms Book Cover: Cameron looking into a magical book with a portal behind him showing a magical place with flying hippogriffs.
Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms UK, AUS, NZ Book Cover: Cameron and friends running out of a portal with flying hippogriffs.

Cameron Battle was just lounging around the house with his two best friends, Aliyah and Zion, when demons tried to take over his world. Growing up, he read The Book of Chidani, a book detailing the fantasy African country of Chidani and its storied history, passed down through the generations of his family. After Cameron’s mother and father died from an apparent car crash, the Book was the only thing he had to remember them by.


The night the demons attack, his best friends make him go to the attic where his grandma keeps the Book. When he reads the inscription on it, the barrier between his world and Chidani opens, pulling the three into a thrilling and terrifying adventure of riding gryphons, battling the Igbo gods, and fighting demon spirits to save both worlds. When they enter Chidani, a goddess tells Cameron that only he and the Queen are able to open the barrier; he is supposedly the Descendant of the Book, the one with the power to close the barrier for good, powers inherited from his mother.


Queen Ramala tells him and his friends that the gateway is breaking down because her sister, the Princess Amina, stole the three gifts from the gods that made her Queen: the crown of wisdom and knowledge, the scepter of thunder and lightning, and the ring of immortality. Given to Ramala on her coronation, only she and Cameron can stop Princess Amina from opening the portal for good, sending the demon spirits to conquer both worlds, and becoming Queen.


Armed with this knowledge, Cameron must travel through Chidani with Aliyah and Zion to find the three gifts, understand his new powers as Descendant of the Book, understand what really happened to his mother and father, and figure out his feelings for Zion.

What they're saying about
Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms...

“A thrilling, imaginative adventure that kids are sure to love! As immersive as it is fun, you'll feel you're tagging along with Cameron, Zion, and Aliyah the whole way through.”

New York Times bestselling author of The Ghost Squad and the Witchlings series

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